Episode 126 – Pitching Lesson From Meagen Denny

Posted by fastpitchsoftbal on Jan. 09, 2011

This week PFX Pitcher Meagen Denny gives us a pitching lesson. Here is a great selection of fastpitch Softball Bats Feel free to email questions for future shows to FastpitchTV@gmail.com. You may also leave questions, or comments on our call in line 209-Softbal. Join in the softball talk at our new softball forums You can follow The Fastpitch TV Show on Twitter at Twitter.com/FastpitchTV Become a fan of the Fastpitch TV Show on Facebook at Facebook.com/FastpitchTV Don’t forget to check out these great softball websites Fastpitch.FM Home of the Fastpitch Radio Show. Fastpitch.US The Fastpitch News Blog. FastpitchSearch.com A seach engine just for softball. SoftballMedia.com One site for all our softball media. Take a look at our apps for the iPhone at FastpitchApps.com Gary leland is a new media producer of fastpitch softball. information. For advertising information send him an email to FastpitchTV@gmail.com, or visit his personal website site at GaryLeland.com for more information on Gary

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