Episode 12 The Last Day in the Hamptons

The final scene in the Hamptons is shot. The cast and crew celebrate and reminisce about the times they had. Then they hit the road. The festivities are nearing the end on the set of Evil Weed. Cynthia expresses sadness that it is the last day of filming in Montauk. The Hamptons martini shot involves Cynthia and Bekim making out and Nick being a creeper. After checking the shot, David announces the Hamptons wrap and celebration ensues around the pool. Champagne is popped again, this time purely for recreational purposes, and Cynthia shakes it up like she is celebrating a major victory or in a rap video. Bekim, exhausted, comes to terms with coming down from the high of filming. Briana thanks everyone for the wonderful experience and “Movie Life” for serving as a diary of sorts. Then the cast and crew hit the road and return to NYC.