Episode 107 – Cat Osterman Clinic

Posted by fastpitchsoftbal on Jan. 08, 2011

This week I show you a clip of the Car Osterman Clinic during the Triple Threat Softball Camp. It will give you an idea of how she works with the players at the camp. The Fastpitch TV Show is sponsored by SoftballJunk.com Feel free to email questions for future shows to fastpitchTV@gmail.com. You may also leave questions, or comments on our call in line 209-Softball. You can follow The Fastpitch TV Show at Twitter at Twitter.com/FastpitchTV Become a fan of the Fastpitch TV Show on Facebook at Facebook.com/FastpitchTV Don’t forget to check out our other softball websites Fastpitch.FM Home of the Fastpitch Radio Show. Fastpitch.US The Fastpitch News Blog. FastpitchSearch.com A seach engine just for softball. SoftballJunk.com A great website for softball equipment. SoftballMedia.com One site for all our softball media. Take a look at our apps for the iPhone at http://FastPitchApps.com

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