Episode 1- I have a sensitive side.

Posted by Drago-Lazetich-982 on Jun. 03, 2013

Wiseguy decides to quit his job, but his boss is not very happy... oh well.....One of the most popular martial art Comedy Web series on the net. Wise Hit Dub-Step Trailer on two major international platform . The choices are BILP. http-//blip.tv/wisehit/wise-hit-dub-step-trailer-6558568 and KOLDCAST. http-//www.koldcast.tv/video/dub_step_trailer ... Wise Hit... BE IN IT! Drago Lazetich - wiseguy Yuan Chu- Carlo-The boss man Javier Alpire- Carlos bodyguard Pierre Michel-Carlos assistant Jasmine Tse- Radio DJ Honey Eve Zhou -person in hotdog suit Tomer Oz-Ratnose

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