ellis acoustic stompbox, foot stomp board

http://ellisguitars.com/stompbox.html The Ellis Stomp Box is the original hand crafted amplified acoustic solid timber box which you tap with your foot to provide a rhythm to accompany your stringed instrument playing both in the Studio and in a live situation. Also known as a foot pedal, cajon, stomp board, percussion box, wood drum djembe, porchboard, rhythm box, hand drum, bass drum, bass drum pedal, hand pedal, beat box, chicken box, percussion instrument, wood drum, wooden drum and many other names around the world. The Ellis stompbox is used for innovative percussion, latin percussion, as a drum trigger, solo guitarist foot rhythm, foot percussion, hand percussion, indian percussion, folk music percussion, country music percussion, high hat simulation, and is known for it's flexibility, durability, compact size and ease of use. Ellis Stompbox Players include Harry Manx, Phil Keaggy, Bjorn Berge, Jamie Cullum, Joe Camilleri, Michael Fix, Don Ross, Bruce Mathiske and many more from around the world.