Elizabeth Lambert Dating Video

Suspended New Mexico Lobos junior soccer player Elizabeth Lambert shows her softer violent side in this new dating video. Lambert has gained national media attention for her unsportsmanlike conduct of repeated cheap shots, hair pulling and punches thrown during a recent postseason game versus Brigham Young University. Her actions in the UNM/BYU game have spurred a national debate over the recent outbreak of violence during women’s soccer games. With editorials being written in the New York Times, discussions on the Today Show, and even dozens of Facebook fan groups being created about the incident, this is arguably the most press that women’s soccer has received since the USA Womens National team won the World Cup back in 1999. The “dirtiest player” in women’s soccer is facing a potential ban from the NCAA. In an effort to maintain her image and strengthen her love life, the attractive, yet violent Lambert submitted a dating video for a college dating service. Please enjoy.