Eli Gone Wild!!! - Brain Cheese

Posted by ohmywyattkane on Nov. 04, 2012

Eli has gone wild! Crazy! Insane! Ok now that I have your attention... LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR ALL THE LOVE!!! ALSO LEAVE A COMMENT!!! AWESOME LINKS- Clever Things To Say - http-//www.cleverthingstosay.com Good.is - http-//www.good.is Today I Found Out - http-//www.todayifoundout.com Interesting Facts - http-//www.interestingfacts.net OUR TOP 5 YOUTUBE CHANNELS- John Elerick - http-//youtube.com/oojleoo Hannah Hart - http-//youtube.com/MyHarto Toby Turner - http-//youtube.com/Tobuscus BriTANicK - http-//youtube.com/BriTANicKdotcom Jack Douglass - http-//youtube.com/jacksfilms The social stuff- Tweets- http-//www.twitter.com/ohmywyattkane http-//www.twitter.com/9thcircleofeli F-Book- http-//www.facebook.com/thewyattkane Goog+- https-//plus.google.com/101684197187130844423 Web-hole- http-//wwww.wyattkane.com Super Fun Licensing Info! Sound Effects- http-//music-for-video.com Title Music Happy Bad Guys Paid license through http-//opuzz.com Background Music- Scheming Weasel by incompetech.com Honey Bee

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