ELFIS Story 8 - Plastic Santa

Posted by elfis on Nov. 19, 2009

ELFIS sings a weird funny Christmas song Plastic Santa for those that are forced to over decorate. Lyrics Steven Stay, music B.R. Hanby.http://www.ElfisLives.comELFIS, Short for E Long Fong I Song, the name given to Santa Tech dropout Stewart E Pedd II by his Elf Guru, Elfi Ona Honda Beyonda Ponda. Re-live the real life Stu Pedd adventures in word and song as ELFIS shares his twisted journey from normal North Pole kid to Santa Technical College to elf commune. LYRICS: Plastic SantaUp on the housetop I climbed becauseMy wife bought a plastic Santa ClauseIt came with a sleigh pulled by eight reindeerand she insisted it go up thereOH OH OH why did I goOH OH OH why did I goUp on the housetop so quick quick quickWith my wifes stupid Santa made of plasticFirst came the problem with that hammer and nailI hit my thumb, oh it hurt like H@#$... wellThe wind then came up and it really blewOff the roof me and Santa flewCHORUSNext thing I knew, it happened so fastThey had me in a ...

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