Eleven Pound Snorkie Scootertje Shows Us an Important Lesson

Posted by FortuneMan on Jan. 22, 2009

We have let government, crooked banks, criminal Ponzi schemes and thieving stock brokers and financial institutions, get away with robbing us of our golden years, 401K's, retirement funds, homes and college funds, because we didn't understand how or were too trusting and complacent to protect our assets. This little eleven pound dog Scootertje shows you the tenacity and sheer focus and determination it takes, not to let that happen again. Question your broker, walk away if there's no equity left in your home, put your money in precious metals, cash in your 401K and if there ever was a Ponzi scheme of massive proportions, wonder what your Social Security check is going to do for you when the day comes. Turn to www.fortuneboound.com for some revealing answers and tips

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