EggNog Gallon Challenge!!

Posted by mba123abm321 on Dec. 12, 2012

EggNog Gallon Challenge!! The challenge is to drink a gallon of egg nog in under an hour. Merry Christmas! [CLICK TO TWEET http-// ] Jacks channel http-// FunnyMeNows FB http-// SLINGSHOT RIDE CINNAMON CHALLENGE !! http-// Baking Soda and Vinegar Challenge!! http-// Tags eggnog challenge eggnog gallon challenge 3L challenge 3L milk challenge milk challenge milk gallon challenge gallon challenge milk challenge fail milk challenge success milk challenge today 3L milk challenge fail 3L milk challenge completed gallon of milk challenge gallon challenge success gallon challenge today funnymenow funnymenow challenge funnymenow pranks funnymenow video egg nog challenge egg nog gallon challenge

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