Effective Permission-Based Email Marketing

Posted by NettKnowledge on Nov. 15, 2009

Lately there has been a lot of permission-based email marketing going very wrong in the online world. What I mean by this is, people are starting to create bulk email internet marketing programs that are sometimes borderline illegal and Im sure you know the ones that I mean, because weve all received them.Therefore, Ive put together this short video to show you where to go to get the correct resources for strategic email marketing and how to grow your marketing email lists in an highly authentic, reputable way that will only win more referrals and business for you and your company.Small business email marketing is a challenge for many of start-up businesses and small companies, with a lot of them veering away from this form of marketing due to either thinking its too hard or will get them into trouble, and quite often its just out of sheer ignorance of how and effective permission-based email marketing is.My recommendations for you to learn more are to not send out blind, bulk email marketing

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