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http://www.edenpurestore.com The EdenPure TM is a remarkable new advanced portable heater that can cut your heating bill up to 50% and pay for itself in a matter of weeks! A major cause of residential fires in the U.S. is due to portable heaters. The EdenPure TM uses a new advanced quartz infrared heating system that never reaches a temperature that can start a fire.The EdenPureTM is perfect for improving you and your families health. Typical heating sources like furnaces, fireplaces, corn/fuel/propane burners, and normal space heaters reduce humidity which dries out your skin and sinuses causing bloody noses, and irritated eyes. Free Video Blog Web2.0 Marketing Messaging Communications Identification Vlogs Eden Pure Heaters Air Purifiers PurATron Products Bob Vila Paul Harvey Distributed by Tubemogul.