Ecstatic Embrace

Posted by TrishaLynWORLD on Sep. 23, 2009

for further information visit the link below Steve Maher Steve discovered this most human phenomenon from a simple vision while meditating 10 years ago. He discovered that when two human beings hold one another for a prolonged period of time, a sense of ever-deepening comfort washes over them, obviously referencing the physicalized bond between infants and their mothers during the early months after birth. From that state of safety, participants go on an experiential journey.(what Steve refers to as a magic carpet ride). Withheld feelings related to daily stress, loss, trauma, unexpressed love etc. surface naturally and show themselves in their fullness. The two hour sessions (90 minutes of which is continuous holding) allow time for the full arc of experience to complete, leaving participants feeling profoundly relaxed, cleansed and energized. It is a journey of relaxation, personal and sometimes spiritual growth.

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