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EbGb - THREE TWO ONE Three Two One written by EbGb and T. Catania Publ. by Orange Glow Music / Catania Music Directed by Clark Morton for Whistlestone Productions, LLC c. Orange Glow Music, LLC 2012. Doors & Gateways Vol.1 D/L HERE- http-//su.pr/2ctIr3 Like on Facebook- http-//on.fb.me/zIHdnC EbGbWORLD.COM Follow on Twitter- @theEbGb http-//bit.ly/zTDQga For More EbGb music Check out the EbGbworld soundcloud at http-//bit.ly/wjToXl SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE! Follow OrangeGlowMusic- Facebook- http-//on.fb.me/Kximnj

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Tags 321, army, battle, black, catania, crazy, district, ebgb, fight, headzoo sound, helicopter, hip, hiphop, hop, light, music, one, rap, smoke, three, tony, two, war

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