Eating The Guinness World Record Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

Posted by Theodore-Barrus-54 on Jul. 12, 2012

SO yeah im back folks. Butch Taylor the man who had the Guinness World Record pepper named after him.He sent me some of his own home grown pods. This is a lesson on how you eat a Ultra Hot pepper... ((Please dont tell me the Moruga is hotter or the Ghost Pepper is hotter I probably know more about peppers than you do)) http-// PLEASE SHARE MY VIDEOS SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL AND LIKE VISIT http-// Follow me on Twitter https-//!/TEDBARRUS Friend me on Facebook VISIT EAT MORE HEAT TO SEE MY EXCLUSIVE MONDAY VIDEOS http-// http-// AND CHECK OUT FURIOUS PETE GREATEST COMPETITIVE EATER OF ALL TIME http-//

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