Easter time ski at Stokley Creek - Part 2

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Feb. 23, 2010

Video by Vince Call. The Peterson trail out to Bone Lake and the warming hut at Norms cabin was exceptionally firm, and fast. With a short break at the warming hut at noon, we headed out on the Pickard Lake trail shaded from the north slope remained firm and fast. We took the new trail heading north on the logging road for a quick 2K run which led over to Sayer Lake and the upper lakes of Bella and Evans. The short trail on the east side of Sayer was starting to melt off in the days of ongoing sunshine. The view above Bella to the west and the Haviland Bay area of Superior was clear, blue skies and the sounds of running water as the sunshine worked the upper iced ridges. The ski around Bella over to Evans lake found a few blow downs that required stepping out of the skies and into the knee deep snow. We headed back on the main Walker lake trail and took the cut over in the valley below the King Mountain cabin inorder to avoid home run hill, which was burning off in the afternoon sun. skiing back along the ra

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