Earths Special Forces- New Melee System - Bonus Melee

Posted by Skyrider on Feb. 24, 2010

Grab and Smash- Mouse button 1 2 with turbo on This vicious attack will remind players of that one time they had to stay the night in jail. It allows one player to grab another during swoop and drag them around. What the attacking player does from there is up to them. A couple suggestions are- 1. Forcefully fly the opponent around the map while giving them a scenic tour 2. Kindly smash their head into the ground and/or adjacent walls ...But, you said something about doing complex moves in a simple way? In order to allow for the greatest flexibility and ease of use a framework was created where players earn bonus points through different actions, such as damaging an opponent, and spend those points on special moves. Bonus System- Bonus button (C by default) Bonus points may be applied to blocking, beams, and melee. Within each area there are three levels of bonuses; the higher the tier, the higher the cost and the more devastating the bonus. But thats really a discussion for another day.

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