Earth Liberty

Posted by CPater on Feb. 12, 2009

Are You Free? By joining The Freedom Fighters you declare in a symbolic way to be a human, man or woman, young or old, rich or poor, you declare that you are currently a good person, one who loves peace, one who seeks righteousness, one who wishes nothing but good unto others. Who you were, and who you will be, we the Freedom Fighters will not judge upon. When you become a Freedom Fighter, you proclaim unto others that you are FREE! you admit to your self, that no man made authority has the right to control your life, you state openly that you are an advocate of unconditional love and freedom unto all humanity. By knowing you are a Freedom Fighter you sacrifice your own needs, for the needs of others, you reveal unto others the Freedom and Liberty you have found. The hope of all Freedom Fighters, is to add to the momentum of the movement that ushers into a new era of Earth Liberty. Most people alive, will never be free by choice! Will You join the revolution?

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