DS Arms SA58 FN/FAL Extreme Duty Scope Mount

Posted by survivalist on Jul. 04, 2011

In this video we install the DS Arms SA58 extreme duty scope mount and extend3ed safety on a FN/FAL. Awhile back I posted a thread about modifications to a DS Arms SA58 FN/FAL. One of the first suggestions was a scope mount, which I received today and installed on the rifle. Now its time to mount a scope. The issue is, I want to have a scope for deer season and a scope for the off season. In other words, I want to get a regular rifle scope to deer hunt with, and a red dot scope for everything else - such as hurricane season. In the future I am hoping to get a rail system and a tactical light to go along with the red dot scope. I have a 200 lumens surefire that needs to be mounted to something. ds arms sa58 scope mount survival gear survival survivalist survivalism instructions how-to diy tips & tricks shtf survival rifle 308 winchester 7.62 nato

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