Drunken Bachelor

So me and my best friend decided to show our close friend a last minuet surprise bachelor party. We informed his wife that night (2 nights before the wedding). We showed up at his house 9PM dressed in full black, masked, bearing realistic looking weapons. Busted open the door, put a hood over the bachelor, hog tied and handcuffed him- then put him in the trunk of his own car and drove around in a parking lot for 20min. Got him out and put him the back seat- drove to his house and took off the masks- you shouldve seen the look on his sober face ahaha. Told him "The cuffs dont come off till you finish this pack of mikes."- keep in mind the bachelor is light as feather and never drinks. Then to the city to party up-- where we finaly took the cuffs off. Later on that night as we were all crossing town, me and my best friend engaged in a deep conversation about marriage. The bachelor disappears and ten minuets later this is where we find him. I guess the thought of being married compels people to do strange things