Drunk Chicks Make Out

Posted by VegasCartman on Oct. 09, 2007

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Lay out some shots when you watch this drunk chicks video. These girls are socially lubricated to the point that they begin making out. Now Im not talking about a little peck on the cheek. This is full on lady-on-lady kissing. Who knew that fermented potatoes and acidic juice could have such a profound effect? It’s a witches love potion that drops inhibitions and piques interest. Although let it be known there is a thin line between drunk hot chick, and puking, slightly-less-hot wreck of a woman. And this is the delicate line we must all walk in order to enjoy intoxicated women. Or you could just watch this drunk chicks video again. That would be cheaper.Sexy drunk chicks make a video that rivals all others on the Internet. This spicy clip reminds everyone why the internet is the single best invention of all time. The girls in the video might not be lesbians but they could fool us. Seriously we invite them to try and fool us, anytime, at all.

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