Drunk , But not Sorry

Posted by FrankRedtarp on Nov. 18, 2008

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Theres drunk, and then theres DRUUNK. This compilation includes all levels of drunken debauchery. From buzzed mistakes, public shaming, hammered encounters, and all the way around the corner to making out with a woman who is a multiple of your age. 25x2=50=Shame. This video covers it all. It may only last one night, but the shame will follow you forever.When your drunk the video camera should stay put away. A simple rule of thumb is to take whatever you think you look like then divide it by half and that's what your drunken self really looks like. If you believe that you are seeing Heidi Klum making great jokes in reality its more like Ricki Lake making fart noises, still funny but not quite the same. So don't make the same mistake people have made at keggers around the country. When you're at the peak of the night, keep the cameras at bay.

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