Drop Everything for Love

Its easy to take I love you for granted, this year leading up to the most romantic of all holidays, Valentines Day, A Diamond is Forever is asking the public to take a few minutes out of their daily routines and Drop Everything for Love. We invite the public to share their love story with the world by recording a heartfelt video declaration on DropEverythingForLove.com. These video responses will become part of an online video installation, where they can be shared with the world. In a surprise twist some lucky participants will be selected and then issued the challenge to Drop Everything - right now - to travel to the one you love as our camera crews record the journeys. So log on early and often to DropEverythingForLove.com to see new videos as they are posted and record your own video declarations of love, who knows you might be the the next lucky person chosen to Drop Everything For Love!