Driver Profile: TIM- Ice Road Truckers Season 3 on 5/31/09

HISTORY presents ICE ROAD TRUCKER SEASON 3 on May 31 at 9pm/8c. Meet IRT driver TIM FREEMAN. Tim is new to the Dalton, and another driver who was surrounded by trucks as a kid. Born in Blackduck Minnesota, Tim quit high school in 10th grade and struggled with drugs and substance abuse. But like his father, he soon found trucking and for the last five years has been making a living driving on the flat roads of the mid-West. He says hes ready to take on the challenge of the Dalton Highway and start raking in big money, but as everyone knows its not that easy. Tim is very nervous and desperate to prove himself to his dad who happens to be best friends with GEORGE SPEARS---the trucker in charge of training Tim on this deadly road. If Tim fails the Dalton, he will not only fail himself but George and his father. Get ready for an all new ride! Become a FAN on FACEBOOK the official site us on Twitter: