Driver Profile: CODY- Ice Road Truckers Season 3 on 5/31/09

HISTORY presents ICE ROAD TRUCKER SEASON 3 on May 31 at 9pm/8c. Meet IRT driver CODY HYCE. A young gun with serious attitude that is soon to be married and has family on his mind, Cody receives a lot of flack for being one of the youngest heavy haulers at the age of twenty-four. Cody has earned his position, advancing quickly through the ranks thanks to his strong, resilient nature and a brothers-in-arms attitude.BUT he still has a lot to prove. He says hes in it for the thrill of hauling huge, monster loads, and always wanting to haul bigger, better loads until he reaches the top. Cody once dated Lisa The Tomboy, and has a bit of a heavy haul competition and animosity with Jack the reigning Heavy Hauler. Get ready for an all new ride! Become a FAN on FACEBOOK the official site us on Twitter: