Driver Perfectly Coped With The Skid

Posted by Maccoss on Jan. 21, 2012

The car skidded on a slippery road but the driver perfectly coped with the skid. Skidding is more likely to occur when there is ice, snow or water on the road. However it is important to remember that most skidding is a result of bad driving. A car will only skid if it is being driven at an inappropriate speed or if provoked to do so by aggressive steering, braking or acceleration. To prevent skidding you should never ask your car to do more than it can do with the grip available. As a result, in poor weather conditions you should- - Slow down - Increase your stopping distance, so if the vehicle in front stops unexpectedly you have enough space to brake to a stop without skidding. - Take extra care when approaching a bend. - Be gentle and progressive when steering, accelerating and braking.

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