Driver outside dimmable led lights demo

Posted by jekay002 on Jan. 27, 2010

In order to achieve aesthetic value and saving energy, we need to use dimming to change the illumination light intensity, Gosoled Lighting( developed newly stable LED Dimmable Lamp, suitable for a variety of conventional dimmers (TRIAC, adjustable Front edge and trailing edge dimmer,). Smooth and stable dimming performance can be suit for different occasion as easy as the incandescent lamp.Dimming Advantages:1. Support for the majority of available dimmers (e.g. TRIAC, transistor).2. In the dimming range, all the input LED current ripple and current are constant ,the voltage is stable, no flicker, we can greatly extend the life of our lamp. Dimming range is between 5% -100% (Due to working current calculation), PFC0.8 (full-bright state test).3.When external voltage fluctuation, LED power supply current is constant, the brightness keep the same.4.Input Voltage: 110Vac/230Vac.5.Better efficiency thanks to valley detection. 6.Adjustable natural dimming curve integrated. 7.Natur

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