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For a driver to rise to the top in auto racing, it takes more then just talent. It takes marketability, a competitive team, and money. Lots of money. Edited from over 140 hours of footage shot across the United States and Canada, this feature length, documentary follows a dozen ambitious, young male and female drivers from around the world as they compete in the Star Mazda race series: a step in the Mazda Ladder Development program. In the face of the brutal reality that is the sport of professional auto racing, the drivers race for the one thing that will move them closer to a career in professional racing: a $750000 Grand Prize to race in the Formula Atlantic Championship. Driven to Race pulls no punches as it tells the stories of these remarkable young people with different backgrounds and personalities that share one common desire: Theyre all Driven To Race! Directed by Brian Spillane Produced by Jeffrey Krueger Featuring: Alex Ardoin Michele Bumgarner Peter Dempsey John Edwards Charles Hall Joel Miller

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