Drinking! Drawing! Messed Up Fairytales! Rainbows! Monsters! #13

Posted by Frederator on Jun. 03, 2008

Drinking & Drawing - Boston Submitted by ?Lenny Boudreau, Save the Princess Submitted by ?tomagibo, Maxime Robin Shout Out, Rainbow Monster Submitted by ?Paul Shih Drinking! Drawing! Boston! Animated Boobies: You have been warned! Save the Princess turns the tables on the traditional "Knight Saves Princess" fairy tales! Animator/Channel Frederator Awards Nominee Maxime Robin gives us a cool shout-out! Find out if he wins June 10th! Rainbow Monster is all about Cute Destruction!

Categories Pop Culture

Tags channel, drinking, awards, robin, drawing, boston, monsters, frederator, shih, rainbows, maxime, boudreau, tomagibo, fairytales

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