Drilling Multiple Holes in Tubing and Piping With AutoDrill (SHO

AutoDrill multiple spindle heads and pneumatic drills making multiple holes in round pipe.? These heads can be used on well pipes, helical pipe cores, or any round pipe that meets the necessary criteria for the automatic plug ejection system.? ...Thats right, the plug in these annular cutters (hole saws) ejects automatically so that you dont have to worry about stopping the machine and fishing it out before drilling the next part.? Please feel free to contact AutoDrill with any questions.? (800) 871-5022? 01.908.542.0244? Se Habla Espa?ol. Pregunte Por Juan Carlos! http://www.Drill-N-Tap.com?http://www.Adv-Drilling-Machinery.com?http://www.AutoDrill.com?http://www.Auto-Drill.com?http://www.Drilling-Heads.com?http://www.Drill-Spindle-Heads.com?http://www.Drill-Unit.com?http://www.Multi-Drill.com?http://www.MultiSpindle-Drill-Heads.com?http://www.Multi-Spindle-Heads.com