Dressed Pets

Everyone needs to play a little dress-up once in awhile, including your cute pets. Check out the duds on these fashionable pups and kittens. Thanks to all the pets featured in this episode: Bitsy, Cody, Red Hat, pinkee19, Max, Mookie, JubJub, Sable, Sadie, Baby, Smiler, Gizmo, Barbstur, Podge, Duff, Lexi, Pup, Frito, Tiggrr, dlolb1011, Trinity, Pancake, Lady, Simon, Gus, ewitstay, Eve, jessica4jesus, ewitstay, Schnorkel, Cali, Bobby, Otto & Egon, cledry, eord, Charley, Tomas, Trixie, l0verlada, Sam Skittles, Emma & Cleo, Norbet, Loaf, and Pete & Polly. For direct links, check out http://www.ultrakawaii.com