Dr. Fail Performs Angioplasty

Posted by thevisualmd on Dec. 11, 2009

This video features a case study of Dr. Fail performing an angioplasty on a patient with a clogged coronary artery. Along with bad diet, lack of exercise and family history, smoking is one of the key factors leading to hypertension. Once hypertension began, the arterys inner lining becomes prone to plaque build up. A hypertensive artery with plaque build up can cause the artery to further stiffen, which in turn further increases blood pressure. Dr. Fail explains that if hypertension is not controlled, diseases like heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure can occur. Stress test, scans and ultrasound are examinations that can be done to have ? of the heart. When results of the examinations reveal that there is a severe blockage in the heart, angioplasty should be done. With an angiogram ( X ray test that uses a special dye and camera), the blockage in a coronary artery can be confirmed. In angioplasty, a stent is being placed on the blocked artery to prevent it from squeezing back.

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