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Posted by _aYs_ on Sep. 17, 2008

During the 1800's, due to the booming cotton trade, Natchez, Mississippi became the most affluent and wealthiest city in the United States. Following the end of slavery in the South, sprawling plantation homes were abandoned, factories were closed, businesses and industries moved out, and the town of Natchez began to crumble economically. Down Here NTZ-601 is exposing the side of Natchez that you haven't seen. Through their very personal and intimate interviews, Natchez residents tell their story. They walk you through a day in their lives, through job loss, extreme poverty and their tremendous struggle to survive. Aspiring artists ICHOKE, BORN WINNERS, TEFLON HARDHEADZ and HUSTLEWORLD express their harsh life lessons and tough struggles through their music. Combining deep roots in Mississippi blues and the influence of today’s hip-hop, Natchez has plenty of hidden talent. In a stunning visual representation of their music, Down Here NTZ-601 illustrates the unbreakable dream of rising to the top, the

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