Douchebag- The Ballad of Chad

Posted by Jetway on Sep. 27, 2009

The story of a douchebag. Special Thanks to Jeremy Jorgensen for the use of his awesome guitar skills on the backing track. His work can be seen at http-// Douchebag- The Ballad of Chad Background music by Jeremy Jorgensen Original song written by Frank Beard; William Gibbons; Joe Hill New lyrics written and performed by Ben Taucher Who in the world could ever top this? Abercrombie turned me down again; its such a dis. Gimme some love dawg. Get the handshake right, Well brag to all our bros we got some bitties tonight! I pop both my collars when wes rollin fly. Im a big deal in my frat son! Yee-uh. Im that guy. Throw some peace sign and the shocker up in every pic I hose off after b-ball, find my tinySchick. Im a Douchebag. Im a Douchebag! My sideburns and my soul patch effin bona fide. Hey brah, dont yall forget to use some peroxide! I love my Lakers not just cause they win the champ. Ive always been a Phillies fan! Dawg, peep this stamp! Down some brewskis and some ja

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