Dont Trip this Fall...Finding the Beauty Balance

Posted by Medialink on Oct. 28, 2009

Every fall, year after year and page after page, beauty magazines dish out the latest beauty trends. Women everywhere strive to get the look just right, but havent we all seen the dreadful sight of a woman that didnt quite pull off the latest fad? In fact, fess up ladies, weve all been that beauty dont. This year ensure youre a do and feel great about yourself. As Beauty Director for Marie Claire magazine, Ying Chu is the master of beauty dos and strives to help millions of women everywhere look their best and feel great. She helps viewers uncover the latest fall trends and advises women on where they can save big with beauty products that multitask. She provides insider tips and tricks for daily beauty routines and dishes out her favorite long-lasting beauty products. Now you can stop asking yourself how you can make makeup last all day, extend the life of a manicure, get fresh breath that lasts, make the scent of your perfume linger - and get the answers you need to be a do this ...

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