Dont Stop the Music -Pt1 (Music Video)

Posted by videodancecrew on Apr. 07, 2009

Dont Stop the Music (Music Video)Pt1@ http://www.musicvideodanceschool.comBenjamin Allen breaks down the moves in Rihannas "Dont Stop the Music," one of the hottest party (Music Video) of all time.1. Step to your right and clap up and over your head.2. Do the same thing to the other side on your left.3. Now throw your hands up, nice big party arms, to the right.4. Party arms to the left.5. Rock forward on your left knee, waterfall your hands, then come back.6. Now your right. Put it all together and thats it! Nice job.For more on the (Music Video) featured in this episode, go to http://www.musicvideodanceschool.comCreated by Stun Media. Featuring Benjamin Allen, Chieko Hidaka, Bianca Pratt and G-Madison.Music Video Dance School is a 60Frames original series. For more information, please visit us at

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