Dog and Deer Play Soccer Ball

OUR DOG BUDDY PLAYS SOCCER WITH A BABY WHITE TAIL DEERWe found this deer alone and malnourished when it was a tiny fawn. We bottle fed the baby deer, named Theen, until he was older. Several months later he was very socialized with people, our black lab, Buddy, and our cats. He and our dog, Buddy, would often play together when he was little. They often played with this soccer ball in our front yard. The deer is now free to wander if he likes, so he now lives out on his own in the woods. Weve seen him running with several other area whitetail deer and axis deer. Apparently he fits in just fine with them. We sometimes see him wandering back by our house. Ellen Degeneres showed this video on her show and website on January 22, 2010!Anderson Cooper 360 showed the video on March 30, 2010! We hope you enjoy watching them play. Be sure to tell your friends and family about this wonderful video!