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Posted by ellisguitars on Oct. 20, 2009

http-// http-// http-// I play the 8 string resonator with a lower than usual action, especially considering that I use it for some bottleneck slide. The lower action means I can get a dirtier sound with the string slapping, against the frets/fretboard when I play. The string spacing / nut width specs are very similar to a 12 string guitar with the nut width being approx 50mm. Currently my tunings are- Main open A tuning from low to high A E A E A C# e/e This changes very easily to standard tuning with a low A bass string A E A D G B e/e From the main open A tuning I can also very easily get to what I think the most practical tunoing for the general public - Open D tuning with a low A (this is how I played Jeff Martins 7 string), low to high A D A D F# A d/d Since successfully showcasing the Ellis 7 string resonator (now the property of Jeff Martin of The Tea Party), Andrew Ellis and James Michael Thompson have been quietly designing, troubleshooting and ev

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