Do You Think Your Workers Have It?

Posted by KarinLindner on Feb. 23, 2011

If you were to speak with any of the top athletes in the world, they would all tell you that there are certain things that are a must in order to stay on top of their game. What are these things? Mindset, positive thoughts, beliefs, vision, training, and coaching. Why is it different in business? Do your employees have it? What can you do make sure that they do? Take a look! Karin Lindner is the founder and owner of KARICO Performance Solutions located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. As an employee engagement and motivation specialist focusing on the manufacturing sector, her mission is to develop employee excellence in every level of the organization, one company at a time. Karin is currently in the process of creating a special Youth Award to encourage high school students (grades 9 -- 12) to come up with new ways and innovative ideas to make manufacturing sexy. This can also be viewed as a great way to promote this industry to our youth and in North America. If you are interested in sponsoring this initi

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