Do you BeLIEve?

Posted by changeyourmind36 on Apr. 04, 2009 Did you know that the name of Satan is Belial in Hebrew? Look up in your collegiate dictionary the difference between the belier and the believer, and then look at our world, and you will see that there is none. Learn the truth from someone who walked the walk and talked the talk. Deliver yourself from paralyzing and debilitating beliefs. Your beliefs perpetuate the status quo in the world. 2000 years of lies is enough. Do not believe anything you hear in the media. Study Hermetic philosophy, open your mind and your heart and learn by way of wisdom to become a God and save yourself. Follow the line of priesthood which Melchizedek initiated in this age. The Gods of the Bible who smote the Egyptians in the wilderness of which you can read about in I Samuel 4:7,8 were here for a very long time and they steer mankind in the way it should go, until...We have reached another peak of civilization... Will man bow down and humble himself, learn to live in harmony wit

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