Do not go to stony brook 17 IMAX

Posted by GMREYN24 on May. 02, 2013

Do not go or Work at AMC Theatres if you work there and go in sick once your fire if you l miss work once your fire and if you leave work early once your fire if you mess up once your fire. I went to stony brook 17 I Max to do surveys at 7-00pm at stony brook New York on fri sept 28 and mark the manger was nasty to me from the start and I walk all around the theather and I made a mistake I ask the same man and woman and I did not know I was asking the same man an woman and mark the manger told me to leave and went above market force and lie and said I was hazing and I was not and I got kicked off that job and he only gave me once chance at no time I was Nasty to him market force number is 18003201290 opt 3 my Id 1284096 and Amc theather lost me as customer .

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