DNC A Star Studded Affair!

Posted by getthedaily on Aug. 27, 2008

Get more political news on getthedaily.com he 2008 Democratic convention is scheduled Monday through Thursday, August 28th. At this planned event in Denver, Colorado, the Democratic party will formally nominate its presidential ticket in front of thousands of party officials, delegates, volunteers and supporters. The media will be there to broadcast Illinois senator Barack Obama at the top of the leader list alongside VP running mate, Senator Joe Biden. Here at GetTheDaily, we will also bring you the information for the Republican convention next week as it?s set for September 1st through the 4th in Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota. The conventions are not just a formal acknowledgement of the presidential tickets for both parties, but this year?s conventions feature entertainment and celeb appearances like a Hollywood gathering. The Democratic party event features a salute video to military veterans made by Steven Spielberg and a performance by Kanye West. The Beach Boys perform and ...

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