"Dis Friggin Guy"- Time Lapse Artwork

Artist Merrill Kazanjian shows the viewer how to make a traditional/digital hybrid (tradigital) collage portrait.Step 1: Look for interesting eyes, noses and mouths from different photographsStep 2: Make an oval for the head and paste down the facial features. The eyes should be in the middle of the oval. Here are steps 1 and 2 Step 3: Scan what you have so far and reprint it in color on a separate sheet of paper. In other words, scan it and reprint it so that you work on a flat surface.Step 4: Use Paint Markers and Illustration markers to tie everything together. I used Decocolor and Prismacolor markers for this picture, acrylic paint would work equally well. Whatever you choose, the point of this step is to make everything look smooth.