Dirty Little Boy

Posted by Timmah2406 on Aug. 25, 2009

For those whom may be watching this, I would like to gradually thank you for being so humble to spend your time watching me perform my art. This is the very first song that I wrote. Therefore, this song is forever in my heart and will always be true to me. Thank You and please check out my other videos- I Wonder, Irrelevant, Snake Bit of Love, and America...Also more songs to come! Lyrics. I was walking down the road As I came upon a park So I change my direction And walk toward the trees When I got deep into the park Saw something my eyes embarked It was so tender and young In fact it was a little boy Dirty dirty little boy Dirty dirty little boy Yeah You dirty little boy you I stood and stared for awhile He noticed and gave a feinted smile But I didnt care It was still a smile Then something must of frightened him As he turn around and ran But in his panic mode He fell down on all fours Dirty dirty little boy Dirty dirty little boy Uhhhh little boy you dirty little thing you So I did a fist pump an

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