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Posted by seocc on Jan. 12, 2010

When it comes to offsite optimization, we are going to look at directory submissions. Directories work in a hierarchical structure. We are going to look at placing the website within a directory. Now, the directories are great places to go because its a source that the major search engines will actually go to and pull information because the information at this point is already organized in a directory. Now, some of the directories will actually start at a point of geographically locating where a website is positioned. So in this case, we would want to say US, then we would go into a sub-category, which in this case would be Health. Then from Health we would want to go into the next category, which at this point, it can be many different areas but in regards to, we are speaking about a condition; diabetes. So we would organize it under Conditions and then from there its dependant on how micro the category goes within the directory. It could easily stop at Condi

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