Dich vu ve sinh sau xay dung

Posted by TKT-Cong-Ty-296 on Aug. 14, 2012

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http://tietkiemthoigian.vn/Dich-vu-ve-sinh-cong-nghiep/ve-sinh-sau-xay-dung.html D?ch v? v? sinh c?a TKT s? d?n cho can h?, t?a nh? s? s?ch s? d?n t?ng ng?c ng?ch, l?m s?ch d?n t? chi ti?t. Vi?c c?a b?n ch? c?n l? s? d?ng ch?ng m?t c?ch tho?i m?i v? m?nh kh?e nh?t. WE KNOW CLEAN! TKT c? d?i ngu c?ng nh?n, k? thu?t vi?n l?nh ngh?, chuy?n nghi?p c?a trong linh v?c cham s?c gia d?nh, van ph?ng, c?ng nghi?p t?i. B?i v?y b?n s? kh?ng lo l?ng th?i gian thi c?ng k?o d?i, ?nh hu?ng d?n ti?n d? c?a b?n. T?t c? c?c nh?n vi?n TKT l?m nhi?m v? t?i c?ng tr?nh c? t?c phong nhanh nh?n, l?ch s? v? nhi?t t?nh trong c?ng vi?c. Trong th?i gian l?m vi?c, nh?n vi?n l?m v? sinh lu?n mang d?ng ph?c, deo b?ng t?n, mang d? b?o h? d? th?c hi?n c?ng vi?c. WE ARE WELL TRAINNED AND EXPERIENCED! TKT d? cung c?p c?c m?y v? sinh chuy?n bi?t, hi?u nang v? hi?u qu? cao. Do d? l?m gi?m t?i da chi ph? c?a d?ch v?. T?o gi? th?nh c?nh tranh. WE ARE FULLY EQUIPED! TKT s? d?ng c?c h?a ch?t chuy?n bi?t v? th?n thi?n v?i m?i tr

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