Posted by Torley on Aug. 23, 2008

~*~ keep tha SLene alive ~*~ This demo features a lot of awesome things in the cyberspace of Second Life, including: - Dynamic realtime shadows & per-pixel lighting (3xp3r1m3nt@l in Aug-08) - Havok 4 physics - WindLight atmospheric rendering - Sculpted prims I HAIL THE LINDENS WHO MADE THEM POSSIBLE! ~*~ Pr0ps (literally) ~*~ * Achamo Paine - rockass cat head, so many in the pile * Starax Statosky - magic wand which rezzeth schtuff (buffalo, penguins, balloons, bastard Santa, etc.) * Detox Watanabe - Facelight 3000 (by way of BigPapi Linden, y0) * Perefim Cao - Slop Chopper aka big sword * Vooner Voom - giant fried eggs, lots of 'em ~*~ FiLMeD @ ...

Categories Pop Culture

Tags sync, world, lighting, 3d, techno, tight, shadow, retro, havok, virtual, tracker, secondlife, subculture, demoscene, windlight

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