Defend Your Ninjatown on the DS (1 Ninjas)

Posted by gamezombie on Dec. 07, 2008

Shawn Smith Creative Director of Ninjatown (2 Ninjas) talks to Dave about this fantastic and whimsical game. Mixing tower defense with RTS you get a fun game with a splash of the silly. Keep your enemies away with the dreaded Ninja Dropping (3 Ninjas)! Creative Director & Executive Producer: Spencer Striker, music by the legendary Chris Bates. Camera work by Darrin Giggy and Gabe Goldstein. Produced by Adrienne Thiery, Motion Graphics by Leetal Halamish & Andrew Benninghoff, VJ'd by David Klein, and edited by our very own ButtonMasher's nerdy Co-Host Sam Sher. GameZombie proudly supports our friends at Joost and Team Foxy.

Categories Pop Culture

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