Deer Rescued from the Sea at Wailea Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Posted by BrainlessHell on Dec. 04, 2012

Deer rescued from the sea during Four Seasons Maui Outrigger Program at Wailea Beach, Maui, Hawaii (Note- A subtitle on my video says it was the 24th Oct however this was a typo error and it was actually the 26th.) We were on the four seasons outrigger canoe on 26 October 2012 along with two other hotel guests and two staff from the four seasons. I was playing around with my camera and We would have been about 300 metres from shore when we thought we saw a couple of turtles. When we got closer, we realised that it was a deer and noticed that it was still alive and appeared to be swimming. We paddled alongside the deer and were thinking how we could bring it back toward shore. The female four seasons employee in the video decided to try to use the buoy to try to get the deer back to shore. We paddled along side for a while, but she was able to swim with the deer so we decided to paddle back to shore to get more help. When the deer was near shore it started swimming back out to sea, however the paddle boarde

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