DDA - Revolutionary New Digital Music Format on USB stick

Posted by sammystone on Dec. 04, 2008

DDA is a revolutionary Australian-invented patented music format delivered on a USB stick, jammed with tons of extra digital content. DDA has album tracks, lyrics, liner notes/credits, photos and artwork, and can also have hundreds of tracks (over varied file formats) and thousands of photos accessible online, all provided by the artists. Plus exclusive social networking â?? with the artists and other music lovers. DDA content can be accessed from any device, from anywhere, exported to any device, shared, imported, downloaded, uploaded, you name it. HMV, Virgin, Sanity and practically every other music store will sell DDA from 1 December. http://www.dda4me.com/

Categories Pop Culture

Tags sound, content, technology, system, photos, mp3, digital, sneaky, itunes, usb

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